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R & B Tool Supply, Inc.: 40 Years of Pioneering Innovation in American Tooling!

For four decades, R & B Tool Supply, Inc. has stood as a beacon of innovation and creativity, disrupting the status quo in America’s production routing and milling industries. Pioneering the way with our revolutionary Extended Life™ and High Strength™ production tooling, we’ve become synonymous with pushing the envelope of what’s possible in carbide tooling.

A Legacy of Invention: Our journey began with the invention of the very first Solid Carbide Compression Tool. We introduced the first mechanical Compression Tool grinding machinery, then the first C.N.C. multi-flute Compression Tool grinding software. Our compression tool geometry, designed to eliminate fuzzing and blowout, revolutionized material routing, making the first cut the last cut with no cleanup.

Raising the Bar with Proprietary Materials: We recently introduced industry-leading and proprietary carbide materials, enhancing production longevity and application strength.

Setting New Standards with Extended Life™ Tooling: Purpose-built to slash per-sheet tooling costs, our Extended Life™ tooling, designed by our staff metallurgist, boasts a sharp, cool edge while machining tough, heat-generating laminates such as HPL and Melamine. With a lifespan up to 4x longer, it provides unparalleled value.

High Strength™ Tooling: Our High Strength™ tooling, designed by our metallurgist, excels in running lower-quality wood materials with minimal debris. Ideal for heavily used or ageing C.N.C. machinery, it dampens application harmonics, enabling consistent performance when running less expensive wood materials.

International Recognition, Local Impact: R & B Tool Supply isn’t just a name; it symbolizes the epitome of American tooling excellence. We understand that superior endurance coupled with superior performance delivers long-term results. Whether your business operates at the cutting edge of technology or focuses on cost-effective solutions, our commitment transcends industry norms, delivering longterm results to businesses across the production spectrum.

Connect with Success: Experience the impact of innovation on your bottom line. Visit to explore our cutting-edge tooling solutions or contact (877) 247-7320. Trust R & B Tool Supply, Inc. – where success is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee.

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