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Castle Pocket Bits

Pocket Bits

The up cut version has great ability to increase part hold down force.

The down cut helps prevent blow-out of the bottom edge of your cut material. This is especially useful when cutting laminates.

Our Extended Life series allows faster feed rates and longer edge life than other tools on the market today. Our Extended Life tools are used primarily for cutting laminates (Melamine, High Pressure Laminates - HPL, vinyl, painted board, etc.)  These tools can also be used on natural woods, both hard and soft species.

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Tool GradeShear DirectionTool NumberCut DiameterCut LengthShank DiameterOver All Length
High StrengthUp CutCastle Rougher3/89/163/82-1/2
Extended LifeUp CutCastle Rougher E/L3/89/163/82-1/2
High StrengthDown CutCastle Rougher DR3/89/163/82-1/2
Extended LifeDown CutCastle Rougher DR E/L3/89/163/82-1/2

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