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Pocket Machine Bits

Pocket Bits
Castle - Safety Speed - Ritter - Porter Cable

This version is noted for its ability to increase part hold-down force. This can be beneficial for securing the workpiece during the cutting process.

This version is designed to create a clean corner edge of the cut material. It is particularly useful when cutting laminates or materials where splintering or chipping is a concern.

Recommended for running lower quality wood material with minimal internal debris for moderate duration production. These tools are also suggested for use on heavily used or ageing machinery where the dampening of application harmonics may be beneficial.


Recommended for running faster feed rates in higher quality wood materials for continuous, non-stop production. Extended Life pocket tools generally last up to 4x longer depending on the application.

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Tool GradeShear DirectionTool NumberCut DiameterCut LengthShank DiameterOver All Length
High StrengthUp CutPocket Rougher UR3/89/163/82-1/2
Extended LifeUp CutPocket Rougher UR E/L3/89/163/82-1/2
High StrengthDown CutPocket Rougher DR3/89/163/82-1/2
Extended LifeDown CutPocket Rougher DR E/L3/89/163/82-1/2

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